Do you have a viable idea that uses a new or emerging technology to radically reduce costs, increase efficiency or improve sustainability, quality or compliance during construction or throughout the built life cycle? Enter to win cash prizes, R&D funding, investment in your business and exposure to influential leaders.

We’re on a mission to discover people from all over the world with innovative ideas that have the power to positively impact the built environment, and our society.

ENTER TO WIN: Describe your idea and its potential impact by answering a short series of detailed questions using the official online Application Form.*

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Technology is perhaps the greatest agent of change in the modern world. Breakthroughs in technology offer the promise of solutions to some of the most important and pressing global challenges.

From a historic standpoint, the construction sector has been one of the lowest (by % spend) and at times slowest of sectors to adopt new technology. It is nevertheless an information and labor intensive industry, where new and innovative approaches could have a big impact on efficiency, costs and cash flow whilst at the same time improving sustainability, quality and compliance.

Many types of technology could have an impact in these areas including: Solar Power, Off Site Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Cloud Computing; embracing the digital revolution; increasing collaboration and mobility; BIM; 3D Modelling and improving the use of big data and analytics.

With margins and cash flow in the construction industry under pressure, it is important that technology investment demonstrates a clear and sustainable return on investment.

For a winner of the COINS Grand Challenge Open competition, we are looking for someone with a grand but viable technology-based idea that will have a significant impact on any of the aspects of cost, efficiency, cash flow, sustainability or compliance. This could relate to any stage or process in the construction life cycle of built assets, from component design and manufacture, through build and on-going usage, or with an impact throughout the whole construction life cycle.

*Undergraduates may enter the Open competition instead of the Undergraduate competition if they believe that their idea is sufficiently well developed to meet the Open competition entry requirements.


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