Brian Lane CEO of Comfort Systems USA

Brady Bryan

Founding Member and CEO

BRAYN Consulting LLC

Brady founded BRAYN Consulting LLC in early 2010. Through vision and heavy investment into technology and infrastructure, he has made BRAYN a sleek, technology-driven, quality-focused organization that brings optimal value to clients. Brady is a staunch advocate of adding value to clients through both tax credits and incentives, as well as supporting businesses in continuous process and quality improvement initiatives. This passion stems from his quality management and consulting background. As a result, BRAYN is committed to hiring BRAYNiacs with real-world industry experience to provide optimal value to clients. He obtained his JD from Southwestern Law School, and his BBA in Management from Sam Houston State University.

Brian Lane CEO of Comfort Systems USA

Brian Lane


Comfort Systems USA

Brian has served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Comfort Systems since December 2011. Prior to joining Comfort Systems in 2003, he spent fifteen years at Halliburton holding various positions in business development, strategy, and project initiatives. He departed as the Regional Director of Europe and Africa. Brian’s additional experience included serving as a Regional Director of Capstone Turbine Corporation, a distributed power manufacturer. He also was a Vice President of Kvaerner, an international engineering and construction company where he focused on the chemical industry. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame and his MBA from Boston College.

Brian Lane CEO of Comfort Systems USA

Bryant Donnowitz

Business Partner Executive


Bryant Donnowitz has been with BuiltWorlds since it was founded in 2014. During that time, he has been instrumental in fueling BuiltWorlds’ growth, nationally and internationally as well as establishing many successful partnerships identifying start-ups in the Built Worlds space early and helping them to grow. Bryant has a passion for pushing innovation and collaboration within the Built industry and among its many players. He holds a degree in Business from Indiana University, has successfully completed three marathons, and lives in Chicago.

Brian Lane CEO of Comfort Systems USA

David Brown


D Brown Management

David Brown is the President of D. Brown Management, an advisory firm dedicated to helping contractors build stronger businesses for the next generation. David began his career in 1988 as an apprentice electrician and advanced quickly thanks to many great teachers, mentors, managers and industry executives. David progressed through various positions including foreman, superintendent, and project manager before moving into executive management at an ENR Top 600 contractor performing work in multiple states. David’s business philosophy is simple: Talented people form the foundation of every great company and if you grow people you will grow profits. He has a passion for operations and loves nothing more than helping unlock talent, which lead to the founding of D. Brown Management in 2005.

James Benham JBKnowledge

James Benham



James Benham began writing code at the age of 11 and by 14 had developed his first application. James went on to complete a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and a Master of Science in Information Systems at Texas A&M University. During his final year at Texas A&M in 2001, James established JBKnowledge, Inc., makers of the SmartBid, SmartCompliance, SmartReality and SmartInsight cloud solutions, where he is currently CEO. With his extensive experience in the design, development and use of technology to improve efficiency, James is a sought-after international speaker on business information technology, data security and innovative software tools.

Larry Sullivan, COINS

Larry Sullivan



Larry Sullivan is Chairman and co-founder of COINS; he is also co-founder of five other niche market software houses including one in Poland and one in Russia. His companies include Total Objects and OASIS Solutions, where he is also Chairman. In 2004 Larry also funded and established the not for profit Stepping Stones, a school for children with hemiplegia. In 2008 he established COINS Foundation and is its president. He also sits on the board of Habitat for Humanity (UK). His past directorships include CSBI SA (Poland), Computerland Poland, CSBI EE (Russia), CSB Meridian, and Matrix Ventures, a venture capital trust.

Michael Pearson DSA Technologies

Michael Pearson


DSA Technologies

Michael Pearson has been with DSA since it was founded in 1991. DSA Technologies has had consistent growth and been an early provider of cloud (IaaS) and ITaaS (IT as a Service) to its clients. Michael has a desire to provide IT services for DSA’s clients that is both first class and a clear change from what they have experienced IT to be in the past. Whether purchasing products or working with the DSA Services teams, his goal is to make sure it is not the same old IT experience.

Robert Brown COINS

Robert Brown



Robert joined COINS in 2015 as Group Operations Director after working with the Governance Board on a consulting basis. As well as spending 4 years as the CEO of a construction contractor, Robert has spent more than 20 years managing software development companies on an international basis, bringing new and emerging technologies to market. Robert is a passionate advocate of using technology to reduce time, cost and improve the quality of life for all. Robert works with the Global Management Team to continue driving improvement and change, as well as coordinating group wide projects to improve systems, procedures and the provision of management and financial information.

James Benham JBKnowledge

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