Undergraduate Competition

Q. What are the major skills, abilities and competencies you would expect to see in a successful leader? Which of these leadership qualities do you believe that you possess and how could you make use of them to add value to the construction industry?

To enter the Undergraduate competition, Applicants must submit an 800-word essay or 3-10 minute video about your idea using the official online Application Form. When submitting your entry, you must clearly select the relevant competition and Challenge to which your entry relates, e.g. Undergraduate competition and Leadership challenge.*

Open Competition

Q. Do you have a specific vision and personal qualities to bring a new approach to leadership within the construction or home building industries?

To enter the Open competition, Applicants must answer a series of long-format questions contained on the official online Application Form. When submitting your entry, you must clearly select the relevant competition to which your Application relates, e.g. Open competition and Leadership challenge.*


Prizes for the competition Winners and Finalists can be viewed on the Prizes page. Undergraduate prizes typically include education grants, work experience and short term paid internships. For the Open competition, prizes include longer term paid internships, continuing professional development, mentoring and in some cases R&D grants and investment in your business or idea.


Challenge Brief

The leadership challenges faced by the construction industry span an immense range of issues: from overcoming labor and skills shortages; to implementing energy conservation and sustainability initiatives; to reducing greenhouse gases; to embracing the digital revolution; to improving supply chain processes; or other new and improved ways of improving efficiency, profitability and cash flow.

These leadership challenges can be addressed at either a macro level through influencing government practices, policies and legislation; or through driving change through recognized professional bodies; or from within the industry itself by creating an outstanding organization or part of an organization that sets a new benchmark of performance in one or more areas that the industry can follow.

Although the construction industry is by no means unique in striving to find the leadership to address the challenges it faces, new leadership approaches and initiatives will certainly help the industry to move forward.


Are you ready to accept the Leadership Challenge?

Undergraduate Competition – For the winner of the COINS Grand Challenge Undergraduate competition, we are looking for someone who understands the key attributes of successful leadership and also understands what skills they have and how they could be used in the construction industry.

Open Competition – For a winner of the COINS Grand Challenge Open competition, we are looking for someone who believes that they have both a new vision and or approach to leadership in the construction industry and who also has the personal qualities, confidence and potential to become a leader within the construction industry.


*The Undergraduate competition is specifically for people currently studying for a university undergraduate degree. However, undergraduates may also enter the Open competition if they believe that their idea is sufficiently well developed to meet the Open competition entry requirements.



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